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Tracie W

Tara has been training me for over four months now and I feel like I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Previously, I’d workout by doing some cardio, hop on a leg/arm machine or two, not really know what else to do, and then just leave the gym. Tara has created a workout plan that is easy for me to follow when I’m not with her. Learning how to maximize my time at the gym has really helped me be consistent. If not for her, I would not feel as strong as I do now. She’s passionate, a great motivator, and fun to work with. I’m so thankful for everything she’s taught me. Without a doubt, Tara has helped me achieve goals I never thought I’d be able to.


Sean O

My wife and I sought out Tara to help us get in shape for our wedding. As a result of the work we did, we looked fit and healthy in our wedding photos. More importantly, we felt energized and motivated to keep going with training even after the big day was over. Tara's workouts are challenging and varied; you don't get bored and she keeps you moving around the gym throughout.  She's extremely knowledgeable and passionate. We love how we feel and look, and we love working with Tara!


Jess H

I decided that I wanted to try personal training after losing weight and hitting a plateau over the summer. Tara had been an instructor for a few of the group fitness classes I was taking and I was very impressed with everything I heard during class. I did four months or private training with Tara and loved every minute. I learned proper form and technique, strategies, and got tons of encouragement and support. I loved that we worked on exercises that could be done at the gym or at home. I have no fear walking into the free weight section of my gym. I am thrilled with the progress I made with Tara. I am still losing and toning even after our sessions ended.


Rick M

Live good. Feel better. I've been training with Tara since October 2018. With her training I can see and feel a tremendous difference in my energy level, and mobility. Tara's passion, dedication, drive, and knowledge have far exceeded my expectations. The workouts we do are very energizing and appropriately challenging. It's everything that I was missing in my regular routine.


Celeste R

I never thought I wanted to train with a female before, and boy was I wrong. Tara is the best trainer I have ever had. She pushes and challenges me every session. I have never had upper body definition/ toning as I have now before working with her. What makes Tara stand out as a trainer is that she cares and wants to see you succeed. Her training does not stop when the session ends. Tara will send me websites, articles and Instagram accounts to follow with educational information on weight loss, body transformation info, or anything we may have discussed that session. 

Jen testimonial (1).jpeg

Jen G

Tara has been my Pilates instructor for over two years and I currently take her class three times a week. Tara is incredibly knowledgeable, adapting class to meet the needs of everybody in the class. She is dynamic and brings wonderful energy to class and has an innate ability to motivate me with her passion for Pilates, health, and wellness. Every class I deepen my personal practice and walk away feeling taller, more flexible, and centered. Tara has helped improve not only my personal fitness, but that of my sister and two dear friends I referred to her.

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